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Heating control

Among other things, the goal of heating control systems is to minimise the energy
requirements of room heating while offering maximum comfort to the user.

Can it be a bit warmer?

If displays are used to show the temperatures in the rooms, then you can comfortably set the temperature for each room individually.

Depending on the programming of the KNX device, blind control, window monitoring and heating control, for example, can intervene in the room temperature control.

This makes it easy to lower the room temperature by opening a window and to heat it up again by closing it.


Not at home

If you are not home, then you do not need to the heating to be working. With timers, you can lower the room temperature in the morning and heat it up to the desired temperature in the evening before coming home. This saves on heating costs, conserves resources and goes easy on your wallet.


And at work

In offices, presence detectors can detect the presence of people. These not only affect lighting, but also the room temperature controller. Thus, the room temperature is controlled to a comfortable temperature. If no more activities are detected in the room by the presence detector, the room temperature is lowered.

If a CO2 sensor is also used in the office, it can improve the indoor climate and positively influence the performance of employees. If a CO2 sensor measures too high a CO2 content in the air, windows can be opened automatically until a pre-set value is reached again. The heating is lowered while a window is open.

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