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Lighting with KNX

Dawn – smooth transition before the beginning of the day or after the end of the day.

The time of the day
depends on many factors:

• The season

• The time of sunrise and sunset

• The daily updated brightness values

• The weather conditions


Something is moving!

More safety and comfort are provided by KNX motion detectors. KNX motion detectors switch different functions in the KNX bus system depending on the movements of people. For example lighting, heaters, blinds and even scenes can be switched on.

This, a KNX motion detector switches the lights on when someone enters a room, a staircase or the courtyard and it switches them off again once no movement is detected.

Switch the lights on or off depending on dawn times, motion detectors and other functions. In this book you can find out which parameters are needed and which values should be set in each application.

Central circuits

With central circuits, comprehensive room functions can be realised without much effort. This allows switching the lights of a room, a floor or even an entire building centrally, with the simple push of a button.

Simple switching of lights and blinds depending on the state of an alarm system also becomes possible.


More comfort is not
possible – or is it?

Would it not be nice to know that when leaving your home or arming the alarm, all lights are switched off and all blinds rolled down?

Would it not be great to come home and see that the lights are switched to brightness and time of day the way you need them, quite automatically?

Do not panic!

You are suddenly woken up in the middle of the night by a strange noise. You can switch on the panic light at the push of a button. This will make you feel safer and will surely scare the burglar away.

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