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The Gira HomeServer

KNX technology has become standard today and not only in public buildings. Even in private housing, the KNX bus has prevailed. Due to the great popularity of bus technology in recent decades, the demand for central building control has grown. The demands to centrally control a building have risen. Flexibility, stability and adaptability to customer needs and requirements are in strong demand.

There is no building control that can meet all requirements; but there is a building control that is so adaptable to meet almost every need


The Gira HomeServer for the
smart building

»The Gira HomeServer is the on-board computer for the smart building,« so goes the motto for the Gira HomeServer.

And it certainly is. You can manage and control all bus devices installed in the house with a HomeServer. It offers a perfect combination of different devices from different manufacturers.

Gira has foreseen the development of KNX bus technology. For more than 10 years, Gira has been developing and expanding a building control system that is customer-oriented and adaptable – the Gira HomeServer, now in its fourth generation.


Definitely also for you

The ”Gira HomeServer Programming made easy“ book is aimed primarily at beginners and advanced users. Focused on the essentials, you can learn Gira HomeServer programming in a short time and successfully create your own projects with the necessary knowledge.

After working through the book, with its 500 pages and over 340 screenshots, you will be able to use it as a reference book for your daily work. This saves you a lot of development time and thus lowers the costs of project creation.

First steps with the HomeServer

Get to know the programming tools ”the expert and the QuadClient“ and how they are structured. The large number of functions and commands are clearly presented to you and displayed in examples showing you how they can be combined with each other. Based on the large number of screenshots available, you can easily follow all the steps without having to search for a long time.

You can start directly without previous knowledge and follow all the steps on your PC!


Everything just a matter of opinion – the visualisation

The Gira HomeServer has two options for displaying your visualisation.
With the QuadClient, the menu guidance and the design are reduced to the essentials.
Thus, the whole system is easy to program and intuitive to use.

When visualising with the HS client, all the graphical options are available to you. Use specially designed icons or your favourite wallpapers. The menu navigation is up to you and your needs. Design your visualisation according to your own ideas. Would you prefer your visualisation to be colourful, in watercolour look or in chalk? Everything is possible, let your creativity run wild.

Developing your own visualisation is easy with the right manual. In the book, you will learn step by step
how to create a visualisation on the Gira HomeServer and, incidentally, receive valuable tips and tricks for daily use.
Your visualisation will definitely be something unique!

A finger print with consequences!

You can control the Gira HomeServer and thus your entire KNX system, with many different HMI devices. With your smartphone or tablet using the Gira app, on a touchscreen, PC or laptop. Navigation takes place via the keyboard, mouse or simply with your finger.

The book will show you how to connect to the smart devices and what to look for – whether in LAN or via the smartphone via WLAN.

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