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Visu alarm system

The Alarm system for the Gira HomeServer

According to police crime statistics, the number of burglaries increases in the winter months.
And only a handful of cases are fully resolved. Surely you have highly valuable items in your home.
What if they were stolen?

The chance that a burglary happens to you is
unfortunately very real.

With a HomeServer, you can secure your home without much effort and programming.
And whats more, all other sections of your project, such as lights, blinds, heating and
ventilation can be also controlled and monitored.

The alarm system of the HomeServer cannot prevent burglary (the same is true for conventional ones).
But it can report a burglary and draw attention through a siren, flash, e-mail, switching on lights and many other functions.

Alarm visualisation functions

• Easy handling

• Clear visualisation of window and shutter monitoring

• Securing even tilted windows

• The alarm system can also be armed while being present (partially armed)

• Separate monitoring of two areas

Alarm visualisation functions

• The alarm can also be alarmed via any number of timers

• Very simple installation and adaptation to KNX projects

• Integration of any number of group addresses to switch the lights in the house and yard and roll shutters to a specific position

• Alarm notification to any number of e-mail addresses

• Storage and display of all events with date and time in the visualisation

What is needed?

First and foremost, a KNX programming is necessary, which is adapted for the use of a visualisation.

The installation of the alarm system for the Gira HomeServer is described in detail in the manual. It is supported with numerous screenshots which make it easy to implement.

However, you should have some previous experience with the HomeServer. The manual requires a certain amount of basic knowledge in dealing with the HomeServer which is not described in detail.

However, should any problems arise during the installation, I am available to help you by e-mail.

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