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KNX and Gira HomeServer Programming

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KNX and Gira HomeServer programming

The life elements for a smart living

Contemporary living means using a smart control system

To turn on the heating of a room only when someone is present. Create a specific lighting mood for special occasions at the push of a button. Automatically close awnings or windows when it starts to rain. Check the condition of your house while being absent using your mobile phone. Turn off all lights and close shutters when the alarm is turned on.

The only prerequisite to achieve this convenience is a smart home control system such as the KNX system, paired with the Gira HomeServer.

Once this prerequisite has been met, the building control can be retroactively adapted to the respective inhabitants without any major problems.

Who should read the e-Books?

You are technically very gifted and interested in KNX programming.
But you do not know how to go about programming?


You are a proprietor and would like to get into KNX to receive orders for high-end residential and functional constructions without the need to employ external costly KNX programmers


You are a long-time electrician and would like to get into KNX programming to improve your CV and thus increase your chances of finding a job.


As a trainee electrician you will find comprehensive
and practical information on KNX programming in
this e-book.


This book guides you from planning to programming to commissioning with practical examples by creating your own KNX programming.

The way to comfort

Learn how to properly plan a KNX system right from the outset. Everything you need to know in an easy-to-read language from the KNX/EIB programming made easy e-book. Based on a small example, experience the correct procedure in planning, configuration, parameterisation and programming. With the diagnostic tools in the ETS, you can check the KNX system and identify common mistakes. Last but not least, you can document your KNX system with the attached forms during the creation process.

Protect your blinds and awnings from strong wind or rain with a weather station. Find out which parameters ensure that your blinds and awnings do not fall victim to a storm.

Setting up single-room temperature control is not difficult. Based on many sample images, even people without experience in KNX can quickly create a room temperature control that guarantees the user a pleasant heat.

My home is my castle or… how can I protect my home?

The risk of burglary is unfortunately very real – regardless of whether
you live in a house or apartment.

By investing in an alarm system, especially in this day and age where daylight burglaries are on the rise, you are better prepared to prevent unpleasant surprises. An alarm system has a deterrent effect in 95% of all cases.

For a few years now, the need for security of our customers has been in the rise. Requests to find out how a house or an apartment can be protected against burglary have been steadily rising lately.


For KNX customers, whether new or existing ones in possession of a KNX building control, the answer: With a GIRA-Homeserver.


With a GIRA HomeServer, a house, an apartment, business premises and more can be secured without much effort and programming. And it does not end there, all other systems of the property to be monitored, such as lights, heating, ventilation, shading, etc. can be controlled and monitored using the GIRA HomeServer.


The alarm system of the GIRA HomeServer cannot prevent burglary but it can report it through a siren, flashlight, e-mail, turning lights on and many other functions

So what’s next?

If you have purchased an e-book, then you are far from done. E-books, visualisations and graphics are constantly being supplemented and expanded. As a registered buyer, YOU will benefit from being able to download the updates of your purchased products for FREE directly in your customer account, according to our motto: Once paid, download at and when needed!

If you have a special problem that cannot be answered by our e-books, then write to me directly. Describe your situation in detail, preferably with screenshots. In any case, I will contact you shortly (within 24 hours at the latest but usually earlier) and assist you in solving your problem.


What our customers say

What we say about ourselves is one thing. What our customers say about us is another.
Here are some customer testimonials from the past few years

Have not yet had the opportunity to implement a project but so far what I’ve read and tested is very well explained and easy to execute. For anyone who wants to build an alarm system purely on KNX and HomeServer, certainly a good purchase

Christian Köppen


I bought the book Gira HomeServer programming made easy.
It will definitely help me advance
with my project. I’m still in the
basic installation. Mr Schöchlin
has already given me some good tips.
It was definitely a great buy!

Eugen Gross

Home Server Book

After installing my own KNX system in my house, I had been looking for suitable documentation. I have purchased all the books, and I am very excited. They written very well in terms of content and can also be understood by a person without background…

Christoph Gruss


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