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The Expert at the Gira HomeServer

The »Expert«, this is the name of the program used to program the HomeServer; it is, so to speak,
the control centre. Without it, programming the HomeServer is not possible.

What is possible?

With it you create all the basic settings. Create your graphical user interfaces
and design comfortable circuits that make life easier. These are:

Basic settings

Basic settings such as user, network and UI resolution.
With the user, you determine what a registered user is allowed to use and which pages he is able to access.

With network, you create settings to integrate the HomeServer into an existing network.
Only then is it possible to use them via LAN/WLAN or the smartphone.

The user interfaces create and customise the look and functions of the visualisation or of the QuadClient.


Integration of IP cameras.

You can integrate IP cameras into the HomeServer and, in the
case of an event you specify, save and display the images in a

Design user interfaces

With the user interfaces HS visualisation and QuadClint, you can control your home from the comfort of your PC, tablet or smartphone. And even if you are not at home.

Design controls with the graphical logic editor.

With the logic editor, you can design all your special circuits,
no matter how complex.

Importing communication objects from the ETS

Nothing works on the HomeServer without communication objects
from the ETS.

Set up presence simulation.

You are vacationing in Cuba lying on a white sandy beach under a coconut palm tree overlooking the azure blue sea and enjoying a drink.

You can stay completely relaxed because at home the presence simulation simulates your house is inhabited… no burglar will realise that you are not even present.

Create timers, scenes and sequences

Up to 100 arbitrary functions can be performed with a timer.
In scenes, individual lighting moods can be created and retrieved.

Sequences allow functions to be executed simultaneously or with a time delay. A sequence must be started and can also be stopped prematurely.

Create archives and diagrams

In archives, different data such as alarm messages or any other messages are stored and retrieved.

Diagrams can be used to record and display any values in a defined period of time. That means that it is easily possible to display the outside temperature or a brightness value daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Alerts by SMS, e-mail or call.

With the different alarm types, you can be informed about a specific event that took place in your house.

This means that you will not miss anything: whether the alarm is triggered by burglary or by your cellar leaking from a broken water pipe.

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