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Visu weather station

The Weather station for the HomeServer

The weather is determined by nature but the amount of comfort in your house and rooms is determined by you.
You can increase living comfort significantly with a climate-dependent control. External influences such as wind,
rain, brightness and temperature regulate many processes in building system technology.

To acquire the weather data, you only need one KNX weather station. This reliably detects the wind speed,
rain, brightness from three directions, dawn, temperature, date and time via a GPS radio receiver.

KNX Weather station

A KNX weather station in combination with the visualisation ”weather station for the HomeServer“ is the best way to stay up to date about current weather conditions. The collected weather data are presented clearly and graphically in the visualisation. Clear icons always tell you whether it is raining, stormy or how windy it is.

Thanks to integrated diagrams, you will always have an overview of the course of brightness and wind speeds.

Possible weather forecasts can be determined from this.

Many safety functions of a KNX system depend on information from a weather station in order to function optimally.

Use the weather station data to optimally adjust the security objects of your building control system. This is made easier by the exact display of wind speed or brightness values in the visualisation.

The Beaufort scale

With the integrated Beaufort scale, you can learn at any time how strong the upcoming wind actually is. This allows you to quickly judge whether you need to secure your garden furniture or other equipment lying around or bring it to safety.

What is a Beaufort scale?

A Beaufort scale serves to classify wind according to its speed. It is the most widely used system for measuring wind speed. It is an important instrument used in shipping and aviation to assess wind patterns. The Beaufort scale is also used in the daily weather service to determine the weather conditions.

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