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Are you looking for an icon collection
to build your

It is always the same; once you are facing the design of a visualisation you do not know which graphical elements to use. The standard icons supplied in the Expert are not great, to say the least.

And the icons that appear on various websites look like a jumbled bunch, with no clear style. Not to mention that normally you are not allowed to use these icons in commercial projects.


With the large collection of icons, you will be just fine!

Here you will find icons and buttons that are made for each other. Give your visualisation the touch that makes a smart home contemporary today. With icons having a similar style to those of a smartphone, you can create a perfect operation of your building control.


An icon collection – great selection

Each icon collection consists of 265 basic icons. These represent a glass button in the style of APP icons on smartphones. The colours of the icons in the collections are white, yellow, green, red and blue.

In addition, each icon comes in universal PNG format and in 12 resolutions. This ensures that the icons are optimally displayed on almost any output device. The icons are available in the following 12 resolutions:
30×30, 40×40, 50×50, 60×60, 70×70, 80×80, 90×90, 100×100, 110×110, 120×120, 150×150 and 200×200.

Due to the large possibility to combine 5 icon colours with 12 resolutions, each icon collection contains an incredible 15900 icons!!!

Looking for a particular icon?

The icon collections are constantly being expanded and customer requests are always taken into consideration.

Is your desired icon not included in the collection? Then write us today, we will surely find a matching icon for you.

Stay up to date

The icon collections are constantly being expanded. You, and all other buyers, can download the updated icon collections for free. Decide now and buy your desired icon collections today. You will not find such an offer again online or anywhere else.


• You will receive a ZIP archive with 15900 individual icon files in PNG format.
• The archive has a file size of about 194 MB.
• Also included is a licence file as a PDF with all the relevant legal information
• An overview of the basic icons as a PDF.

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