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Planning & Basics

Planning and foundations of the Gira HomeServer

The programming of the HomeServer should be well thought out. Only when a concept is created and
everything is discussed can you start with the actual programming of the HomeServer.

But what is a good concept?

This cannot be answered so easily, because many factors have an influence on it. The most important factor is the user, closely followed by the programmer.

The user defines the basic operation and functions of the building control according to his needs and requirements. The programmer has an advisory role in the discovery phase. Because he knows the possibilities offered by the HomeServer. He can decisively influence the course of operation and functionality of the project according to the needs of the user.

At the top of the list is intuitive handling. This means – to get to the desired function with as few clicks as possible.

Second is design. With an HS client you can let your fantasies run free. You have many possibilities to design the appearance of the building control with your own graphics, icons and pictures

The goal is the way

The beginning of all planning starts with first determining all the functions the project should contain. It works best with a mind map. Capture room by room, floor by floor, section by section all the circuits and functions needed. Detailed notes on each function will help you later in the development phase.

After all functions have been determined and described, it is time to design the user interfaces. Take your time. First and foremost, concentrate on the essentials. Do not overfill your visualisation with unnecessary functions.

Try to find inspiration. Magazines and the internet offer many ideas.

Self-designed icons and background images make visualisation seem more unique than it already is.

After the discovery phase, which can take several days, you have a perfect basis to start programming

Last but not least

Design the pages so that a user can quickly grasp how the operation works. He should never have to wonder what one or the other control element actually does.

If the user already has to think about what the designation means when labelling a button, the frustration will build up quickly.

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