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Gira HomeServer Programming

One thing is for sure – programming a Gira HomeServer is not a quick affair, which can easily be done in between things. But after working through the book ”Gira HomeServer programming made easy“, you will have a very good basis for programming a HomeServer. The rest comes with experience.

The more you play with the HomeServer, the more you will learn how it works. Once you understand the basics, it will become much easier to create a program that works right away. Smaller corrections and improvements can always be done, that is quite normal – programming is never really a done deal.

But what is meant by programming?

Programming on the Gira HomeServer includes many steps that must be observed and adhered to. Above all, a perfectly functioning KNX system must be available. This must be prepared for control by visualisation. How extensive such a preparation is depends on the particular project. In general, a few flags must be set and new group addresses added for feedback.

Subsequently, the basics of the HomeServer need to be set up and adapted to the specific project. The size of the scope of this step depends on the particular project. If the HomeServer is only operated via a USB interface on the KNX bus, then these tasks can be quickly completed. But if the building control is to be remotely controlled and monitored by LAN/WLAN and smartphone, then much more adjustment is necessary.

The next step is to create and set up all the functions needed for the project.

These can include:

• E-mail settings
• Notifications
• Timers
• Scenes
• Sequences
• Logic modules
• QuadClient
• Visualisation pages
• Presence simulation

To name just a few …

In the last step, the project is transferred to the HomeServer and the programmed functions and visualisations are checked. In this step you should take a lot of time to really recognise even the smallest discrepancies and to resolve them.

You will see the success of your work in the mood of the user.

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