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Blind control

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west – but in-between and throughout the year it shows a very changeable course that has very different effects on buildings and the people who live or work in them. It might be too warm for someone while others are blinded by the sunlight.

How much sun is comfortable enough?

With a KNX weather station, optionally in combination with a Gira HomeServer, the shading of a room or building can be controlled according to the position of the sun. Sensors record the current lighting conditions and pass them on to the controller. This in turn controls the blinds in such a way that the current light situations are always optimally utilised. Thus, a room is protected from excessive heating while the people living or working there are not blinded by the sun.


Too much wind is not good

External blinds, especially awnings, must be protected from strong wind and rain. This protective function is best carried out by a KNX weather station. It permanently records the current wind speeds. In addition, it determines whether it is raining or dry. With this information and an evaluation unit, large and expensive damage to the shading can be reduced or even completely avoided.

In addition, this information can be displayed clearly on a visualisation on a PC, tablet or smartphone.


What else is possible

Blinds can do more than just be rolled up and down. With timers, blinds, shutters and awnings can also be time-controlled.

Even floors or entire façade sides can, thanks to smart KNX control, automatically provide the perfect comfortable climate, depending on the position of the sun. And that at any time of the day or year.

With a connection to an alarm system, it is easily possible to roll down all the shutters to the ground during arming. An additional measure to prevent a possible burglary.

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