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Scenes and Sequences

Cause a sceneor all about Scenes and Sequences

With scenes, you can create different lighting moods in your project. To keep up with a given situation,
lights are switched, dimmed and blinds moved to a desired position.

With a slight adjustment of scenes by the user, this type of lighting control is just right
for quickly adjusting recurring lighting situations.

Candle light dinner

Would you like to surprise your lady with a culinary meal, a full-bodied wine, candlelight and soft music?

You just take care of the food that the HomeServer will provide the right lighting in the dining room and the bedroom. At the push of a button, the corresponding scene is activated.



Do you like to party? Do you often host people at home? The HomeServer ensures the right climate in the rooms and adjusts the lighting so that your guests can feel comfortable.

Once the air conditioning and ventilation system and lights are set and stored in a scene, they can be activated again and again simply by pushing a button.


Sequences, an action with consequences

A sequence works much like a scene. Sequences perform different functions. You can specify the chronological sequence in which order and after which time a function is executed.

In contrast to a scene, a started sequence can be stopped again by a command, even if it has not been processed to the end.
Sequences are usually used where the same actions are performed at consistent times.

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