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Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

KNX / troubleshooting and diagnostics or if something does not work.

During the development of a KNX system, problems or malfunctions can occur, which is quite normal. It is important to create a precise error description and to check if the error occurs regularly and if it is reproducible.


Wrong programming is not always the cause of a problem.

Possible errors could be:

• A loose clamping connection

• A wrong polarity bus line (plus and minus reversed)

• Incorrect wiring of the lines (topology error)

To find the cause of an error in a KNX system, the ETS offers some useful tools. These require an active bus connection.

Troubleshooting and its consequences

It is a great advantage in life to make mistakes you can learn from as early as possible.

The connection is established but nothing happens

If a programmed function is not executed as expected, then this can have different causes. To clarify this, use the group monitor of the ETS to record all telegrams on the bus. This determines whether the corresponding KNX station sends a telegram to the bus or not.

If two programs do not speak the same language

It often happens that although a connection to the KNX device can be established, the programming is nevertheless aborted. This in turn can have many causes. The most common one is that the user program in the ETS programming does not match the one on the KNX device.

And if nothing helps?

If you have exhausted all possibilities of the ETS without success at identifying the error, it does not mean that the corresponding participant is really defective. From time to time, as with any PC, it may happen that the application program stops working. Here, the complete resetting or restart of the KNX device can sometimes work wonders.

If the communication does not work

If you cannot program a participant, then you should first check whether he is even available on the bus. This can best be checked with the ETS 5 Check physical address diagnostic tool.

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