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Functions in KNX programming

Thanks to smart networking of the individual systems with the KNX bus,
a constantly growing number of functions are available to you.

Below, you will read in detail which functions are covered in the KNX/EIB programming made easy book.

Put your home in the right light.

Switching and dimming

You can achieve the right lighting mood by stepless dimming. With a dimmable actuator. With the appropriate programming you can determine from where you want to dim the lighting.

Constant daylight-dependent lighting control

A brightness sensor detects the current light intensity in the room. This makes it possible to control lights depending on the available daylight. Thus, a light is only switched on or dimmed to a certain brightness, if the light in the room is not sufficient. If sufficient daylight is available the lights stay off.

Light scenes

Not only can you operate individual light sources, you can also store entire light scenes. You recall this again with just the push of a button. This allows you to create an individual lighting mood for dinner, for a cosy evening watching TV, for listening to music or for a romantic time.

Panic function

You are woken up in the middle of the night by a noise. With a simple push of a button, specific lights in the house and outdoor area switch on. The sudden brightness has a deterrent effect and will drive not only animals but also burglars away.

Motion detector

A KNX motion detector reacts to heat movements triggered by people, animals or even objects. If it registers a movement, it sends a telegram to the bus, which can trigger various circuits. For example, it can be set to switch on a light and, in addition, switch on the heating.

Central functions

Did you switch off all lights when leaving the house? With a central function, the touch of a button is all it takes for the lights throughout the house and selected devices to be switched off. If the central-off-function is additionally linked to a burglar alarm system, then the function will be executed when the alarm system is switched on.

Link to an alarm system

If an alarm system is installed in the building, you can save yourself an inspection of the entire house. A look at the screen is enough to see if all windows and doors are securely locked.


Group and central control

Instead of bringing individual blinds of a room, a floor or an entire façade side by hand into the desired position, smart KNX control, coupled with a weather station, automatically ensures the perfect comfortable climate. And at any time of the day.

Sun tracking

With a weather station, the shading of a building can be adjusted according to the position of the sun. Brightness sensors permanently record the current lighting conditions. A blind control module or the Gira HomeServer calculates the current position of the sun and controls the blinds so that the lighting conditions are always optimally utilised.

Automatic programs

With a blind control you can do more than roll up and down. Through time programming, blinds, roller shutters and awnings can also be controlled on a time-dependent basis. A weather station rolls the awnings up or closes the windows when the weather changes. That brings you more comfort and gives you more security.

Wind and rain protection with a weather station

Storms often come without warning and can cause great damage. By integrating a weather station, severe weather damage can be reduced or avoided entirely. The weather station sends a message on the bus when high wind speeds occur, closing the windows automatically and moving sensitive awnings and blinds to a safe position.

And the sun greets you daily

Let the sun wake you up in the morning instead of your alarm clock. Timers help you roll blinds up or down at the desired time. And in winter, when it is dark, dimmers take care of sunrises and sunsets in the bedroom.

Automatic blind control for maximum comfort

Whether you are working in the office or reading a book in the living room, all this is possible without glare and without constantly having to track the blinds. Brightness sensors capture the lighting conditions which then open and close the blinds automatically. Linked to a lighting control, you will always have the right amount of light.


Individual room control

A room temperature controller ensures a constant room temperature. To do this, it records the current room temperature with a temperature sensor and adapts it to the inhabitants’ specifications. This provides the inhabitants with a high degree of operating convenience and, incidentally, can control their energy consumption more precisely than with a conventional heating system.

Central and automatic control

When venting the heater, it happens that one forgets to turn it down. But in connection with window contacts, this will become your heating itself in the future.

Time programs

Only heat when you are actually at home! If you work all day and are not home, then a time program will switch off the heaters. Precisely 2 hours before you are back home, the heating starts to warming up the rooms again.

Room air conditioning

Achieving a comfortable indoor climate is no problem with KNX. This is possible if all sections in a building (lighting, sun protection, heating ventilation and air conditioning) are networked and optimally coordinated with each other.

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