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KNX/EIB Calculator

KNX/EIB Calculator


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Have you ever wondered how much time you actually need for the “pure programming“ of a KNX project? Your answer is the KNX calculator. By entering a few parameters, the KNX calculator calculates the time required to program a KNX project.

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KNX/EIB Calculator

(For Mac only, Windows coming soon)

Have you ever wondered how much time you actually need for the “pure programming“ of a KNX project?

Your answer is the »KNX calculator«.

By entering a few parameters, the KNX calculator calculates the time required to program a KNX project.

What does a KNX project actually contain?

But how is a KNX project composed and which tasks can be calculated in terms of time?

  • First, a meeting with the planning office or the customer takes place. The time for this varies, depending on the size of the project and customer requirements.
  • Next, it would be the transmission of the circuits and keypads in a clear installation plan, or the creation of a specifications sheet. But this is almost always wishful thinking, as it is easy to avoid doing. Also, the time for this task is not easy to determine, especially when it comes to the creation of a specification sheet, as this can take up a lot of time.
  • After the scope of the project has been discussed, it is time to compile and order the required KNX devices. As you can imagine, the time required for this is also difficult to determine.

Programming time for a KNX project

So now it is up to the »actual KNX programming«.

I would list the following steps:

  • Create the project in the ETS.
  • Create the building and group address structure.
  • Insert the required KNX devices.
  • Parameterise the KNX devices.
  • Create shortcuts.
  • Program the KNX devices.
  • Commissioning and testing of the KNX system.

And this is exactly what the KNX calculator was designed for.

After you have made all necessary entries of your project, you automatically get the pure programming time as a result for your project.

What do I mean by pure programming time?

Well, the pure programming time includes the time that it takes to:

  • build the project in the ETS
  • create the building and group address structure
  • insert the required KNX devices
  • parameterise the KNX devices
  • create all the links
  • program all KNX devices
  • commission and test the KNX system

The times required to import manufacturer databases, to install and to wire the KNX devices, etc. is not considered and must be determined separately.

Do you need previous knowledge to get a realistic result with the KNX calculator?

A certain basic knowledge of KNX programming is required. One should be able to estimate how many main / middle groups are needed. Also, one should know roughly how many entries the building structure is made of.

The calculation of pure programming time does not require the exact number, but it should be determined almost exactly to get an outcome that will allow you to continue working.

For the number of circuits and KNX devices, a possibly existing offer or service description can be used. Ideally suited is a specification sheet, but this is, as I have already mentioned above, more wishful thinking than reality.

Stay up to date

The KNX / EIB calculator is constantly being expanded. As a buyer, you enjoy unlimited updates, which means you can download all future versions for free.

Decide now and buy your KNX / EIB calculator. You will not find such an offer again online or anywhere else.

Licence and legal information

You can download the licence and legal information hier here.


A packed ZIP archive with a size of 14 MB. Included is the KNX / EIB calculator for Mac and Windows (beta version), a licence file as a PDF with legal notices and a manual as a PDF.

And do not forget — there is no improvement without the valuable feedback of our readers!

The team at eBook24-7 wishes you success.


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Licence agreement


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2. Contracting party
3. Conclusion of the contract
4. Licences

4.1 Standard licence
4.2 Permitted uses under the standard licence
4.3 Non-permitted uses under the standard licence

5. Transfer to third parties
6. Assurances and warranties
7. Limitations of liability
8. Final provisions

1. Definitions

The graphics library referred to in the licence agreement consists of individual items or items purchased in combination from the eBook24-7 store, which may consist of one or more files from the large icon collection for visualisations, design elements for visualisations or background images for visualisations.

2. Contracting party

This licence agreement is concluded between:

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The current address of the Licensor is published on his internet homepage

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4. Licences

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All graphics libraries are protected by copyright. The author is the Licensor.

The Licensor grants his registered buyer a non-exclusive and non-transferable licence, limited in time and place, to use the content for the permitted uses (as defined in Item 4.2). Other uses than those defined below are not permitted. All other rights in or with regard to the content, including all copyrights, remain with the Licensor or the author of the content.

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4.2 Permitted uses under the standard licence

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  • Parts of the graphic libraries may be used for the graphic enhancement of homepages.

  • The processing of the graphic libraries is permitted in the following cases and types, also in combination: Colour saturation, brightness, transparency, colour change of the overall graphic, size and contrast.

  • The graphics libraries may be converted to other file formats.
If you are unsure whether a specific use is permitted, please contact eBook24-7.

4.3 Non-permitted uses under the standard licence

You may not use the content in any manner other than as defined in Section 4.2: “Permitted uses under the standard licence”. The content may not be used, in particular, for the following “non-permitted uses”:

  • Resale and licence products or other products such as calendars, posters, flyers, postcards, illustrated books, picture collections and other products.

  • Use of graphics libraries or parts thereof for design templates intended for resale, including website templates, layout templates, business card templates, other/any templates.

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  • Any kind of resale, sub-licensing, leasing, lending, distribution, gift or otherwise transferring graphics libraries or parts thereof

  • The creation of brush templates, so-called “brushes”, with the intention to disseminate these is not allowed.

If you are unsure whether a specific use is permitted, please contact eBook24-7

5. Transfer to third parties

With the onward assignment of the licence for the acquired graphics libraries, the rights of use with the licence conditions mentioned here are transferred to the new buyer. The original licensee loses all rights to use the graphics libraries or parts thereof. He agrees to irretrievably delete or destroy all graphics libraries or parts thereof, on all storage media as well as on all computers and tablets on which graphics libraries or parts thereof are located.

Furthermore, he commits to inform the Licensor of the resale by e-mail. To this end, the Licensee shall get in touch with eBook24-7.

The original Licensee is not authorised to sell, distribute or sublicense copies of the graphics libraries in whole or in part.

6. Assurances and warranties

The Licensor warrants users for a period of 2 years and entrepreneurs for a period of 6 months that the graphics libraries provided are substantially free of manufacturing defects.

Warranties take effect from the day on which the download is available or from the day the download is activated.

The Licensor makes no guarantee that the content is of sufficient quality or for a particular type of use and does not guarantee that the quality meets your expectations or requirements. If content proves to be inaccurate or inadequate, you alone assume the full risk and cost of any necessary corrections. The Licensor assumes without limitation no assurance and guarantee for all content.

The Licensor is not liable for damage caused by editing of the graphics.

The Licensors liability is limited to the amount the Licensee actually paid for the graphics libraries

Any claims for damages against the Licensor are not assignable.

7. Limitations of liability

If third parties assert claims against you which are related to the content of Ebook24-7, you have the obligation to inform the Licensor immediately and in writing.

In no event shall the Licensor or his employees, as well as owners and managing directors or content providers be liable for consequential damages of any kind or lost profits, production and business interruptions, loss of information of all kinds in connection with legal disputes and claims of all kinds, as well as losses and other proceedings of this agreement and the use of the content.

The Licensor is not liable for any damage or loss incurred by using the content.

8. Final provisions

For legal disputes, exclusive jurisdiction remains in Germany.

The place of jurisdiction is Offenburg.

If individual clauses are ineffective, the remaining clauses remain valid.

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